2019 Goal 100,000.00 Deadline April 30th

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Crusade Flyer 2019
Since 2013 it has been the vision of the Missouri District Sunday School Department to see a children’s crusade in Missouri each year; and through your faithful giving to Save Our Children, our vision is able to be realized. The purpose of these annual crusades is to enable children to be connected to Jesus Christ and for souls to be filled with the Holy Ghost through an Acts 2:38 experience. Thank you for your continued support to help us truly “Save Our Children”
Altar Woker Seminars: 6:30pm - Crusade Service Time: 7pm
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60 Children Were Filled With The Holy Ghost In The 2018 Crusade.
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Section 4
Sis. Jan Cumpton


Each month we are honoring one teacher from a section as the MO District Teacher of the Month. To nominate a teacher for teacher of the month, download this form and submit it with your Pastor’s signature to your Sectional Leader.
Sis. Beverly Weber sect 6
Sis. Beverly Weber

2018 Teacher of the Year

Beverly Weber has taught Sunday School classes for 36 years - just a short time after her own Acts 2:38 experience. Sister Bev enjoys teaching younger children and is currently the lead teacher in the 3 to 6 year old class at LifePoint Pentecostal in Joplin, MO. Sister Bev Weber is an amazingly creative lady. She has written church plays, poems for Christian cards and bookmarks and most recently Sis. Bev has written a children's book that she is hoping to publish. She frequently teaches Bible lessons that she has written and provides students with her own activities and crafts. Over the years, Sis. Bev has developed themes for Vacation Bible School (VBS) by writing skits, drafting Bible lessons, painting scenery, making a host of theme decorations so that students feel immersed in the setting when they come to VBS. Additionally, she designs original crafts for students each night. Sis. Bev has a giving heart and frequently furnishes classroom and VBS supplies out of her own personal budget. Above all, Bev Weber has a servant's heart. It is not unusual to see her sweep or vacuum the floors of the church. Whenever she is asked to help, she always says yes and has the follow through to get the job done. Sis. Bev is faithful and is a good role model to young lives. LifePoint is blessed to have her as a teacher and Pastor Fred Oates appreciates the opportunity to celebrate Sis. Bev Weber. Congratulations! Thank You Sis. Bev!
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Sis. Lea Overall
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Sis. Karen Schnur
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Sis. Amanda Flanigan
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