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Kid Krusader Levels

Guardian Level – $100

• Front of the line at Jr. Camp Wristband
• Free Kid Krusader Tee Shirt
• Front of the line at Jr. Camp Wristband
• Free Kid Krusader Tee Shirt • Front of the line at Jr. Camp Wristband
• Free Kid Krusader Tee Shirt

Champion Level – $500

• All $100 Incentives
• Camp Candy Coupons
• Free Jr. Camp Tee Shirt
• Free Jr Camp Water Bottle
• Special Appearance on Camp Video
• Golf Cart Ride Tickets
• Special Bon Fire Night

Knight Level – $1000

• All $500 Incentives
• Unlimited Golf Cart Ride Pass
• Pizza Party with Staff & Camp Evangelist
• Free Jr. Camp Registration
• Front of the line at Jr. Camp Wristband
The goal of Kid Krusaders is to motivate children through this incentive-based program to become directly and personally involved with Save Our Children. This initiative will offer children of Jr Camp age multiple levels of participation in an effort to reward everyone that chooses to participate.
For additional details about Kid Krusaders, contact our SOC Kid Krusader Coordinator Nathaniel Molter at 573-747-7477.
Please mail funds by check to the Missouri District office at: Attn: SOC Kid Krusaders * P.O. Box 387 * Wentzville, MO 63385
*Be sure to include your child’s name so we can record your giving!
*All funds must be turned in by June 13, 2022.

"The Order of the Knight”

2020 Alayna Johnson
Kennett – Pastor Sheerin
Jon J Order of The Knight (WEB)
2021 Jon Johnson 
Kennett – Pastor Sheerin

“The Order of the Knight” is a special award given to outstanding Kid Krusaders in recognition of excellence. It is awarded to those who have diligently worked to achieve our $1,000 Knight Level in our Save Our Children Kid Krusader Program for multiple years, while showing the spirit and attitude representative of the very best of our Kid Krusaders. “The Order of The Knight” is awarded during our SOC Knighting Ceremony at Jr. Camp on the final year of a camper’s age eligibility. If You know a Kid Krusader worthy to be honored with induction to the “Order of the Knight”, please contact our Kid Krusader Director or your Sectional Children’s Ministries Director.