URSHAN COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS Now Available for Missouri Students

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2 – $1000 Scholarships Given Annually
#1 Charles W. Cook Scholarship
#2 MO District Save Our Children Scholarship*
Application Requirements
• Must attend a Missouri UPCI church
• Suggested 3.0 GPA
• Completed application form sent to Sunday School Director
Submission Deadline: October 20
• Submission Deadline: October 20
• {for review by the committee in the fall}
• Scholarships paid during 2nd semester.
2017/2018 Scholarships
• Charles W. Cook SOC Scholarship
• La Nae Hern, Pastor Stan Gleason
• Life Tabernacle SOC Scholarship, Pastor Paul Kinney
• Jessamy Fierge, Pastors Dugas/Graham
*MO District Save Our Children Scholarship is named after the church with the largest SOC offering annually.

Scholarship Application Click Here to Download/View

This Year’s Recipients

La Nae Hern
Jessamy Fierge